Author Yeon young-hee

My brother and boyfriend, and he manga

["Alternative : 오빠와 남친과 그녀석!","Anh, bạn trai và người ấy","Brother, Boyfriend, and The Guy","My Brother, Boyfriend, and He","Мой братик , мой парень и он(russian)","Брат ми, гаджето ми и той (Bulgarian)","Mi hermano y novio y el (spanish)","Kapatid Ko at Kasintahan, at Siya (Filipino)"]

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My Brother and Boyfriend, and He summary: From Manga Updates Brother always reject girls around him! Despite having an ideal boyfriend by her side, his charm is still not enough to attract her, because he is always by her side....

Year: 2005
Status: ongoing
Drama Romance School Life Shoujo Comedy

Do not fight manga

["Alternative : Đừng Chống Đối","반항하지마","Don't Resist"]

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Do Not Fight summary: About a husband and wife who are spouses on paper only (live in the same house, but separate rooms; same company [he is the president, she is a worker], but act as strangers) falling in love with each other....

Year: 2000
Status: completed
Romance School Life Shoujo Slice Of Life


["Brother","Boyfriend","and The Guy","오빠와 남친과 그녀석!","My Brother and Boyfriend","and He","My Brother Boyfriend and He","Мой брат","парень и он"]

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["비바 러브 유","Mãi yêu anh"]

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Description : Lee Si-Hyun runs a late night podcast that deals with matters of the heart. Her friends listen as she gives them advice on how to deal with their relationships. The only trouble is, she's never fallen in love in her life. All that might change when a new teacher shows up at her school...



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Status: ongoing
Romance Manhwa


["女學生","여학생","Nữ sinh","School Girl (HWANG Mi Ri)","School Girl (Jeon Young Hui)","Schoolgirls"]

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Description : The story is about Jung Won who live with her mother, a florist. Some day, when her mother is on an errand, a wounded boy, Ha Jun, who is her classmate suddenly enter in the shop. Jung Won is a quiet and shy girl whereas Ha Jun is the popular boy. Will this night will change things be...