Chairudo manga

["Alternative : 小類人ちゃいるど","小類人(ちゃいるど)","Kohirujin Charudo"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:14

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Chairudo summary:

Stories about the "chairudo". The title of the series is written with kanji which mean "small-kind-people", but Ogino gives them unusual readings so that it becomes a clever pun for "child". Chairudo are childlike people (even when they have become adults) with each an exceptional supernatural gift, a power. Some are "firestarters" for example. The main character, Hinagata Heiji, looks like a loser, but looks are deceptive. He has the uncanny ability to bring to life every inanimate object by bringing the object in touch with his blood. He wanders around, enlisting himself in a school from time to time (after all, he looks like a child). But every "chairudo" has got its own territory and conflicts between them, especially about the females, are numerous.

Year: 1996
Status: ongoing
School Life Supernatural Seinen Sci-fi Horror Mature Sci Fi