Fei Ren Zai

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:28

Fei Ren Zai summary:

Chinese Mythical Beasts living in modern China.

Status: ongoing
Comedy Supernatural Fantasy Slice Of Life Webtoons
1 A Long Time Ago, there was a Kumiho
2 It's Hard to live with Nine Tails
3 Please don’t use the skill of spitting water
4 There is a pure ocean inside Little White’s heart
5 Don’t guess the thoughts of a girl
6 While slacking, please pay attention to your back
7 The season is about to change, please take care of yourselves and keep the cold away.
8 I’m the fox who is gonna be a cat girl!
9 Boss Guan Loves Horses
10 Never Let a Non-professional Barber Cut Your Hair
11 Dragons Can Spit Out More Than Just Water
12 The Incredible Boss Guan
13 Human Products Are Really “Un-Yokailized”
14 Does Anyone Really Thinks That Rabbits Love Mooncakes?
15 Xing Tian fought with Tian Di(Top God of China) but got beheaded. His head was buried in Chang Yang Mountain. He took his nibbles as the eyes and his belly button as the mouth, swinging hi
16 Losing Everything Is Better Than Losing Your Head
17 Early Shuttles Are Really Painful in Beijing
18 Urban Legends Always Happen at Night, So Don’t Go Home Too Late
19 //www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG_KTrCetcM)
20 Cute Boy
21 Surprised By Watering Nezha
22 We Still Celebrate Halloween Even Though We Are Over Thousands-Year-Old
23 Little Bunny, Little White, Loving Pumpkin Just Too Bad
24 Guess How Nezha Stood Above Xingtian
25 Lielie, Run!
26 Monday and Dog
27 The Subtle Difference Between A Cute Dog & A Hentai
28 Instinct of Love
29 My Little Pony
30 God Family
31 Life Is a Drama
32 Pressure Is the Main Reason of Losing Hair
33 Xing Tian’s Trouble in the Winter
34 Bothered by Not Having Head or Face
35 Watch Out What You Drink
36 Dragons’ Big Family
37 Dry Weather, Please Be Careful with Fire and Electricity
38 Amusement Park is a Great Place to Enjoy Friendship
39 High Like a Dog, Low Like a Dog
40 Please Don't Trouble the Staff
41 OCD Is an Ailment, But It Is Still a Disease
42 No Reason Needed for Maternal Instinct
43 Time for Hotpot!
44 Play with Fire
45 Haiyan(Petrel) Is a Good Bird
46 Bunnydi-Bunnibi-Boo
47 Once There is Water, There Must Be a Dragon ---- or Fox
48 The Following Story of By the Riverside
49 The Following Story of the Following Story of By the Riverside
50 It's Time for Drinking Alcohol, Eating Meat, and Killing-People-by-the-way's New Year's Day
51 It's Time for Staying Up Late, Gossiping, and Holding the Mic's New Year's Day
52 Happy New Year!
53 Some Hidden Technologies of "Halo"
54 Jade Rabbit Is not A Rabbit, But an Organization
55 Abuse the Dog (A Third Wheel = A Dog in Chinese slang)
56 Son of King Wen of Zhou (Bo Yi Kao was sentenced by "Linchi", and thus died into pieces)
57 Medicine, or Rice Cake, That is the Question.
59 Deja Deja Deja Vu
60 Is there a Couple of lovers in the Couple’s Sliced Lungs?* (*Pork lungs in Chili sauce, a famous Chinese dish)
62 Cold.
63 Professional Play
64 I've Been Busy with New Year, so no Title for this Chapter
65 The Fun (Shock) of Exchanging Gifts Happens at the Moment We Open Them
66 Closing to the Spring Festival, Some People Are Happy While Some Animals Are Sad
67 Be Kind to the Extincting Animal Nian, No Fireworks in front of Him
68 Cold Water for a Calm Day, Red Envelop for a Happy Year
69 赤城昭惠英灵圣,显化无边号二郎
70 Uncle and Furry
71 The Smell of Other Dogs on You Is A Sin Made by My Nose
72 Hey Brother, I Miss You. Where Are You?
73 Three Naughty Boys
74 Three-eyed Brother's Missing
75 Art of the Thrid Eye
76 Yang Xian's Bird Training
77 Let's Go to the Aquarium
78 Daily Exercise of Xiao Tian
79 God Academy
80 You Are the Worst Class I Have Ever Had
81 Eighth Grade Syndrome at a Wrong Age
82 One Chuuni & One Born in Purple
83 Boy Xiao Tian's Trouble
84 God Comes Easily But Leaves Hard
85 Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life
86 Do You Guys Still Remember Her?
87 The Girl with Superpower & Headless Man
88 Get to Meet My Friend Every Day
89 Uncertain Random Door
90 Only Boys under 140 cm and Girls Are Allowed in Girl's Room
91 I Will Never Play Otome Game Again
92 Soul Artist
93 The Live of Lotus Lord
94 It's not Easy to be a Youtuber (or "Up主" on Bilibili, a Chinese video website)
95 Bring You to the Sky
96 Please Follow the Movie Theater Etiquette
97 It's Quite Easy to Catch Allergy in the Spring
98 Stop rubbing your tail until it's bald.
99 She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes; Thus mellowed to that tender light Which h
100 There are things you can only "think" about.
101 We're all animals.
102 What does the fox say.
103 Bad romance.
104 How old are you guys?
105 And I had become purple, I had lost all my hair.
106 Playing online? Lemme join!
107 This game has no balance.
108 No game, no life.
109 Red Boy (Hong Haier)
110 Roses are red, violets are blue.
111 Going out with Guan Yin.
112 It's time for Dragon Boat Festival, let's make some Zongzi!
113 Let's row the Dragon Boat!
114 My cousin can't be so ____.
115 You, not being a fish, cannot know what makes fish happy?
116 I thought you would all come.
117 See you again.
118 No special reasons, just a cool Xiao Tian.
119 The girl ate the flower.
120 Luck is unspeakable.
121 Why are you going, you took my soul away.
122 Dragon Girl & Nezha (I)
123 Dragon Girl & Nezha (II)
124 Dragon Girl & Nezha (III)
125 I mean he is small boy. What are you thinking?
126 Mother is the best person in the world.
127 Bed is always the best.
128 Qilin brings all the luck.
129 Dragon ball.
130 FIshing in the sea-mouth.
131 Fei Ren Zai Chap 131 - Dragon Pearls Are Great, Why Don't You Get One Too?
132 Fei Ren Zai Chap 132 - Beaches, Waves, Cacti, And Also An Old Sailor
133 Fei Ren Zai Chap 133 - We Have No Choice But To Offer Our Heads In Payment
134 Fei Ren Zai Chap 134 - "did You Drop Your Head?" "no, It's Yours Now."
135 Fei Ren Zai Chap 135 - It’S All Leg Under The Neck.
136 Fei Ren Zai Chap 136 - How Nice It’D Be, To Sing Barefoot On A Tree~
137 Fei Ren Zai Chap 137 - Eating Carrots Is Good For You.
138 Fei Ren Zai Chap 138 - A Week In The Life Of Xiao Tian.
139 Fei Ren Zai Chap 139 - I Don’T Understand You Dogs.
140 Fei Ren Zai Chap 140 - Xiao Tian’S Friday.
141 Fei Ren Zai Chap 141 - Miss, A Dog Ate My Homework.
142 Fei Ren Zai Chap 142 - The More You Scratch The More It Itches, The More It Itches The More You Scratch.
143 Fei Ren Zai Chap 143 - Even Though I Look Kind Of Cute, I'm A Real, Honest, 100% Man, You Know~
144 Fei Ren Zai Chap 144 - Because I'm Worth It.
145 Fei Ren Zai Chap 145 - Since You're So Smart, You Probably Saw This Coming
146 Fei Ren Zai Chap 146 - All Children Are A Treasure In Their Mothers' Hearts
147 Fei Ren Zai Chap 147 - Letting Your Friends See Your Family Photos Is Proof Of Your Growing Friendship
148 Fei Ren Zai Chap 148 - Cooking's All About The Fun.
149 Fei Ren Zai Chap 149 - It Doesn't Hurt, I Promise. It'll Be Over In No Time.
150 Fei Ren Zai Chap 150 - Autumn.
151 Fei Ren Zai Chap 151 - Everyone Loves Cheatos
152 Fei Ren Zai Chap 152 - The Emperor Went On Patrol To The East China Sea, Climbed Mount Heng, And Met The Mythical Beast Bai Ze Near The Sea.
153 Fei Ren Zai Chap 153 - The Song Created Flags With Two Types Of Red And Drew Bai Ze On Them. He Had A Dragon's Head And Green Hair, A Single Horn On His Head And Four Legs.
154 Fei Ren Zai Chap 154 - The Carrot's In Her Hand, The Flavor In Mine.
155 Fei Ren Zai Chap 155 - Tinted Glasses.
156 Fei Ren Zai Chap 156 - Divine Beast Crossing, Please Drive Slowly
157 Fei Ren Zai Chap 157 - It's Cold, So Remember To Close The Windows When Going To Sleep At Night.
158 Fei Ren Zai Chap 158 - It's Tough Being An Educated Idler.
159 Fei Ren Zai Chap 159 - A Grim Reminder Of Xiao Yu's Dominance
160 Fei Ren Zai Chap 160 - You're Like Fire, Burning Me Fiercely
161 Fei Ren Zai Chap 162 - My Schedule Has Been Chaotic, But I've Grown Fatter And Fatter.
162 Fei Ren Zai Chap 163 - There Are Many Ways To Lose Weight, But None Of Them Suit You
163 Fei Ren Zai Chap 164 - This Diet Is Extremely Unscientific. Please Do Not Attempt To Replicate At Home.
164 Fei Ren Zai Chap 165 - Still Remember What They Were Up To Last Halloween?
165 Fei Ren Zai Chap 166 - Shiyi Yue, Shiyi Yue's Here.
166 Fei Ren Zai Chap 167 - Briefs? Boxers?
167 Fei Ren Zai Chap 168 - Mischievous Change
168 Fei Ren Zai Chap 169 - If Your Flirting Attempts Fail, It's The Guy's Fault.
169 Fei Ren Zai Chap 170 - I Got A Beating Today Because I Was Missing Brain Cells.
170 Fei Ren Zai Chap 171 - Add Some Special Effects, And "duang!" It's Very Bright And Soft.
171 Fei Ren Zai Chap 172 - Becoming A Vegetable Isn't Scary, But A Vegetable Becoming A Vegetable Is.
172 Fei Ren Zai Chap 173 - In Books Shall There Be Houses Of Gold, In Books Are Maidens Of Beauty Untold.
173 Fei Ren Zai Chap 174 - Baize Occupying The Fox Den
174 Fei Ren Zai Chap 175 - Sickness Is A Good Opportunity For Showing Off Your Love.
175 Fei Ren Zai Chap 176 - Bmw
176 Fei Ren Zai Chap 177 - Take My Croak And Go
177 Fei Ren Zai Chap 178 - For Birthday Presents, Just Give People Whatever You Can't Use.
178 Fei Ren Zai Chap 179 - Knitting Isn't Easy, But Social Interaction Is Harder.
179 Fei Ren Zai Chap 180 - Don't Assume That Kids Know Nothing.
180 Fei Ren Zai Chap 181 - Qilin Harvests Lotus Amongst Lush Lotus Leaves
181 Fei Ren Zai Chap 182 - Long Long Ago.
182 Fei Ren Zai Chap 183 - Dad's Perception Of Beauty
183 Fei Ren Zai Chap 184 - Do Not Bring Up The Past, For The Life Of A Fox Is Already Filled With Perils
184 Fei Ren Zai Chap 185 - A Day In The Life Of Poor Haiyan
185 Fei Ren Zai Chap 186 - Shopping Carts, An Everyday Civilian Vehicle
186 Fei Ren Zai Chap 187 - It's Almost Christmas, So New Year's Can't Be Far
187 Fei Ren Zai Chap 188 - Being Just On Time's Better Than Being Early
188 Fei Ren Zai Chap 189 - It'd Be Great If New Year's Vacation Started Today
189 Fei Ren Zai Chap 190 - Apparently Figure Rollerskating Is Popular Now.
190 Fei Ren Zai Chap 191 - When He Flies, He Soars
191 Fei Ren Zai Chap 192 - A Tiger On The Plains Is But A Cat
192 Fei Ren Zai Chap 193 - On The Boulevard Of Cat Ownership, Hear How Loudly We Sing.
193 Fei Ren Zai Chap 194 - If You Discover Someone Afflicted, Kindly Take Them To Timely Treatment.
194 Fei Ren Zai Chap 195 - Do You Still Remember The First English Word You Memorized?
195 Fei Ren Zai Chap 196 - In My Left Hand, A Chicken; In My Right, A Fish
196 Fei Ren Zai Chap 197 - Beer, Soft Drinks, And Water! Peanus, Melon Seeds, And Congee! Please Move Your Leg Back!
197 Fei Ren Zai Chap 198 - In A Family With Three Brothers, At Least One Will Suit You
198 Fei Ren Zai Chap 199 - Brothers Are A Miraculous Species.
199 Fei Ren Zai Chap 200 - It's The 200Th Chapter!
200 Fei Ren Zai Chap 201 - Looking Enough.
201 Fei Ren Zai Chap 201.5 - Eyed Bro And Xiao Tian's First Meeting.
202 Fei Ren Zai Chap 202 - It Takes A Pro To Unravel A Dragon
203 Fei Ren Zai Chap 203 - Poem Taken From Guochao Shihua, A Historical Compilation Of Dynastic Poetry."
204 Fei Ren Zai Chap 204 - You Should Do Your Research First, No Matter Where You're Going.
205 Fei Ren Zai Chap 205 - Getting Sick Is Annoying, Even For Gods
206 Fei Ren Zai Chap 205.5 - The Author Isn't Home Today
207 Fei Ren Zai Chap 206 - Refers To A Chinese Tongue Twister With Grape Peels]
208 Fei Ren Zai Chap 207 - Don't Give Weird Snacks To Rabbits
209 Fei Ren Zai Chap 208 - Did You Think There Was Only One Bai Ze?
210 Fei Ren Zai Chap 209 - Look After Your Pets, Lest They Be Kidnapped By Strangers.
211 Fei Ren Zai Chap 210 - Bilitis
212 Fei Ren Zai Chap 211 - I Love Not Only Your Strapping Stature, But Also Your Dark Blue Eyes, And Your Golden Dragon Skin.
213 Fei Ren Zai Chap 212 - Love Moves Fast, Like A Tornado
214 Fei Ren Zai Chap 213 - Your Holiday Is About To End, Please Extend It
215 Fei Ren Zai Chap 214 - Gently Wake Up The Slumbering Mind, And Slowly Open Up Three Eyes
216 Fei Ren Zai Chap 215 - I Want To Tell You Something, But I Don't Know How To Tell You
217 Fei Ren Zai Chap 216 - My Beloved Comrades, Where Has My Brother Gone?
218 Fei Ren Zai Chap 217 - A Good Bodhisvatta, Fronted The Hoop Against The Wind, Shouting "change!"
219 Fei Ren Zai Chap 218 - Talking Nonsense In All Seriousness
220 Fei Ren Zai Chap 219 - During Health Checkups, The Most Fearful Thing Is Encountering An Electronic Scale That Can Loudly Report Height And Weight.
221 Fei Ren Zai Chap 220 - Don't Take On A Porcelain Job Without A Diamond Drill
222 Fei Ren Zai Chap 221
223 Fei Ren Zai Chap 222 - Changing Times And Ghost Of Impermanence
224 Fei Ren Zai Chap 223 - The Easiest Time To Talk About Your Feelings Is During A Barbecue
225 Fei Ren Zai Chap 224 - There Is A Mysterious Magic Step In Girls Freshening Up
226 Fei Ren Zai Chap 225 - Family Is All About Being Neat And Tidy
227 Fei Ren Zai Chap 226 - Summer Is Here, It's Time To Set Myself Free
228 Fei Ren Zai Chap 227 - Choosing A House Is Important, Choosing A Roommate Is Even More Important
229 Fei Ren Zai Chap 228 - I Am A Painter With Strong Painting Skills, And I Want To Paint That New House Even More Beautifully.
230 Fei Ren Zai Chap 229 - It's Time To Prepare The Mosquito Repellent, Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Coils, Mosquito Repellent Liquid And Insecticides
231 Fei Ren Zai Chap 230 - Human Head, Dragon Head, Fox Head, As Long As You Like It Then It's A Good Head.
232 Fei Ren Zai Chap 231 - Socks Should Be Paired And Dragon Horns Should Be Paired
233 Fei Ren Zai Chap 232 - Be Careful To Take Good Care Of What Grows On Your Head.
234 Fei Ren Zai Chap 233 - "above The Winding Lotus Pond, The Pervasive View Is Of Fields Of Leaves. The Leaves Were Shooting High Above The Water Like The Skirts Of Slim Danci
235 Fei Ren Zai Chap 234 - Get On My Flower, And I'll Gladly Go To Your House
236 Fei Ren Zai Chap 236 - The Tears Of The Times Roll And Roll In My Eyes
237 Fei Ren Zai Chap 237 - The Most Comfortable Thing Is To Be Yourself
238 Fei Ren Zai Chap 238 - A Mouse's Son Can Bore Holes, Like It's Father
239 Fei Ren Zai Chap 239 - Who Was It That Covered The Curtain In Front Of My Eyes And Forgot To Lift It Up?
240 Fei Ren Zai Chap 240 - I Remember Running In The Sunset That Day, It Was My Return To Youth
241 Fei Ren Zai Chap 241 - Back To Square One Again, Stupidly Standing In Front Of The Mirror
242 Fei Ren Zai Chap 242 - Teenage Feelings Are Also Like Poems
243 Fei Ren Zai Chap 243 - Rejecting Someone After Being Deeply Moved By Them
244 Fei Ren Zai Chap 244 - Erasing Drug
245 Fei Ren Zai Chap 245 - The Kind Of Black That Ash Fertilizer Volatilization Blackens
246 Fei Ren Zai Chap 246 - I Want You To Stay With Me And Watch The Turtles Swimming In The Water, While Laying On The Sandy Beach, Counting The Waves One By One
247 Fei Ren Zai Chap 247 - Promise Me That From Now On You Won't Wander In The Rain And Try And Easily Get Wet, You Know That Your Public Image Will Shatter If You Do This
248 Fei Ren Zai Chap 248 - The King Of Deer Are All In Nara
249 Fei Ren Zai Chap 249 - Matcha, Matcha, Matcha, Matcha Paradise Is Right Here
250 Fei Ren Zai Chap 250 - Subtle, Incomprehensible Elevators And A Pixelated Akihabara
251 Fei Ren Zai Chap 251 - Golden Foxes And Silver Foxes All Become Stone Foxes In The End
252 Fei Ren Zai Chap 252 - Onsen Hotels Are An Epicenter For Various Incidents
253 Fei Ren Zai Chap 253
254 Fei Ren Zai Chap 254 - They're Just Kids!

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